The DVD releases of the Season 4 Collection and the Season 5 Collection did not seem to include any audio commentaries.


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Andromeda - Season 1 Collection cover

Andromeda - Season 1 Collection
2 commentaries
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Episode 1.01: “Under the Night”
Commentators: Kevin Sorbo Allan Eastman

Episode 1.08: “The Banks of the Lethe”
Commentators: Kevin Sorbo Allan Eastman

Andromeda - Season 2 Collection cover

Andromeda - Season 2 Collection
5 commentaries
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Episode 2.03: “A Heart For Falsehood Framed”
Commentators: Lisa Ryder Richard B. Lewis

Episode 2.06: “All Too Human”
Commentators: T.J. Scott Zack Stentz Ashley Miller Richard B. Lewis

Episode 2.12: “Ouroboros”
Commentators: Laura Bertram Gordon Michael Woolvett

Episode 2.18: “The Fair Unknown”
Commentators: Kevin Sorbo Richard B. Lewis

Episode 2.22: “The Tunnel at the End of the Light”
Commentators: Lisa Ryder Gordon Michael Woolvett

Andromeda - Season 3 Collection cover

Andromeda - Season 3 Collection
1 commentary
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Episode 3.08: “For Whom the Bell Tolls”
Commentators: Kevin Sorbo Philip Segal

Involving 10 commentators.