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Angel - Season One cover

Angel - Season One
2 commentaries
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Episode 1.01: “City Of”
Commentators: Joss Whedon David Greenwalt

Episode 1.05: “Rm w/a Vu”
Commentator: Jane Espenson

Angel - Season Two cover

Angel - Season Two
2 commentaries
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Episode 2.02: “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been”
Commentator: Tim Minear

Episode 2.20: “Over the Rainbow”
Commentator: Fred Keller

Angel - Season Three cover

Angel - Season Three
3 commentaries
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Episode 3.06: “Billy”
Commentators: Tim Minear Jeffrey Bell

Episode 3.09: “Lullaby”
Commentators: Tim Minear Mere Smith

Episode 3.13: “Waiting in the Wings”
Commentator: Joss Whedon

Angel - Season Four cover

Angel - Season Four
7 commentaries
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Episode 4.03: “The House Always Wins”
Commentators: David Fury Andy Hallett

Episode 4.06: “Spin the Bottle”
Commentators: Joss Whedon Alexis Denisof

Episode 4.07: “Apocalypse Nowish”
Commentators: Vern Gillum Steven S. DeKnight

Episode 4.15: “Orpheus”
Commentators: Terrence O'Hara Jeffrey Bell

Episode 4.17: “Inside Out”
Commentator: Steven S. DeKnight

Episode 4.19: “The Magic Bullet”
Commentator: Jeffrey Bell

Episode 4.22: “Home”
Commentator: Tim Minear

Angel - Season Five cover

Angel - Season Five
7 commentaries
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Episode 5.01: “Conviction”
Commentator: Joss Whedon

Episode 5.08: “Destiny”
Commentators: Skip Schoolnik David Fury Steven S. DeKnight Juliet Landau

Episode 5.10: “Soul Purpose”
Commentators: David Boreanaz Brent Fletcher Christian Kane

Episode 5.12: “You're Welcome”
Commentators: David Fury Christian Kane Sarah Thompson

Episode 5.15: “A Hole in the World”
Commentators: Joss Whedon Amy Acker Alexis Denisof

Episode 5.17: “Underneath”
Commentators: Skip Schoolnik Elizabeth Craft Sarah Fain Adam Baldwin

Episode 5.22: “Not Fade Away”
Commentator: Jeffrey Bell

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