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Heroes - Season One cover

Heroes - Season One
13 commentaries
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Episode 1.00: “Unaired Pilot”
Commentator: Tim Kring

Episode 1.12: “Godsend”
Commentators: Jack Coleman Leonard Roberts Sendhil Ramamurthy

Episode 1.13: “The Fix”
Commentators: Greg Grunberg Hayden Panettiere Natalie Chaidez

Episode 1.14: “Distractions”
Commentators: Milo Ventimiglia Zachary Quinto Greg Grunberg Jeanot Szwarc Jack Coleman Michael Green

Episode 1.15: “Run!”
Commentators: Greg Grunberg Kevin Chamberlin Adam Armus Kay Foster

Episode 1.16: “Unexpected”
Commentators: Greg Beeman Zachary Quinto Sendhil Ramamurthy Jeph Loeb

Episode 1.17: “Company Man”
Commentators: Jack Coleman Allan Arkush Bryan Fuller

Episode 1.18: “Parasite”
Commentators: Allan Arkush Jimmy Jean-Louis Christopher Zatta

Episode 1.19: “.07%”
Commentators: Chuck Kim Andrew Chambliss Timm Keppler

Episode 1.20: “Five Years Gone”
Commentators: Greg Grunberg Sendhil Ramamurthy Jack Coleman

Episode 1.21: “The Hard Part”
Commentators: James Kyson Lee Noah Gray-Cabey Ian Quinn

Episode 1.22: “Landslide”
Commentators: Masi Oka George Takei Matthew Armstrong

Episode 1.23: “How To Stop an Exploding Man”
Commentators: Tim Kring Dennis Hammer Allan Arkush

Heroes: Season 2 cover

Heroes: Season 2
11 commentaries
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Episode 2.01: “Four Months Later”
Commentators: Tim Kring Jeph Loeb Jack Coleman

Episode 2.02: “Lizards”
Commentators: Allan Arkush Greg Grunberg Michael Green

Episode 2.03: “Kindred”
Commentators: Paul Edwards J.J. Philbin Zachary Quinto

Episode 2.04: “The Kindness of Strangers”
Commentators: Tim Kring Dana Davis Adrian Pasdar

Episode 2.05: “Fight or Flight”
Commentators: Greg Grunberg Greg Beeman

Episode 2.06: “The Line”
Commentators: Adam Armus Kay Foster Jack Coleman

Episode 2.07: “Out of Time”
Commentators: Daniel Attias Masi Oka

Episode 2.08: “Four Months Ago...”
Commentators: Milo Ventimiglia Greg Beeman

Episode 2.09: “Cautionary Tales”
Commentators: Greg Yaitanes Kristen Bell Ashley Crow

Episode 2.10: “Truth & Consequences”
Commentators: Adam Kane Stephen Tobolowsky

Episode 2.11: “Powerless”
Commentators: Allan Arkush Lisa Coleman Wendy Melvoin

Heroes - Season Three cover

Heroes - Season Three
25 commentaries
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Episode 3.01: “The Second Coming”
Commentators: Allan Arkush Tim Kring Adrian Pasdar

Episode 3.02: “The Butterfly Effect”
Commentators: Greg Beeman James Kyson Lee Brea Grant

Episode 3.03: “One of Us, One of Them”
Commentators: Cristine Rose Milo Ventimiglia

Episode 3.04: “I Am Become Death”
Commentators: Jamie Hector Greg Grunberg

Episode 3.05: “Angels and Monsters”
Commentators: Anthony Hemingway Adam Armus Kay Foster

Episode 3.06: “Dying of the Light”
Commentators: Sendhil Ramamurthy Chuck Kim Christopher Zatta

Episode 3.07: “Eris Quod Sum”
Commentators: Charlie Lieberman Scott Boyd James Kyson Lee

Episode 3.08: “Villains”
Commentators: Allan Arkush Jack Coleman

Episode 3.09: “It's Coming”
Commentators: Blake Shields Charlie Lieberman Donn Aron

Episode 3.10: “The Eclipse: Part 1”
Commentators: Greg Beeman Sendhil Ramamurthy

Episode 3.11: “The Eclipse: Part 2”
Commentators: Cristine Rose Greg Grunberg

Episode 3.12: “Our Father”
Commentators: Masi Oka Brea Grant

Episode 3.13: “Dual”
Commentators: Zachary Quinto Gary D'Amico

Episode 3.14: “A Clear and Present Danger”
Commentators: Milo Ventimiglia Tim Kring Greg Yaitanes

Episode 3.15: “Trust and Blood”
Commentators: Allan Arkush Mark Verheiden

Episode 3.16: “Building 26”
Commentators: Sandy Getzler Ruth Ammon

Episode 3.17: “Cold Wars”
Commentators: Jack Coleman Sendhil Ramamurthy

Episode 3.18: “Exposed”
Commentators: Milo Ventimiglia Greg Grunberg

Episode 3.19: “Shades of Gray”
Commentators: David H. Lawrence XVII Oliver Grigsby

Episode 3.20: “Cold Snap”
Commentators: Bryan Fuller Masi Oka

Episode 3.21: “Into Asylum”
Commentators: Nate Goodman Joe Pokaski

Episode 3.22: “Turn and Face the Strange”
Commentators: Mark Verheiden Rob Fresco

Episode 3.23: “1961”
Commentators: Jon Koslowsky Adam Kane

Episode 3.24: “I Am Sylar”
Commentators: Nate Goodman Kay Foster Adam Armus

Episode 3.25: “An Invisible Thread”
Commentators: Charlie Lieberman Donn Aron

Heroes: Season Four cover

Heroes: Season Four
4 commentaries
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Episode 4.08: “Once Upon a Time in Texas”
Commentators: Tim Kring Nate Goodman Charlie Lieberman

Episode 4.09: “Shadowboxing”
Commentators: Greg Grunberg Adam Armus Kay Foster

Episode 4.12: “The Fifth Stage”
Commentators: Tim Kring Adrian Pasdar

Episode 4.19: “Brave New World”
Commentators: Tim Kring Robert Knepper

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