Life on Mars (2006) 

The DVD release of Series Two did not include any audio commentaries.


Listing 8 commentaries.

Life On Mars: Series 1 (U.K.) cover

Life On Mars: Series 1 (U.K.)
8 commentaries
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Episode 1.01: “Episode 1”
Commentators: Bharat Nalluri Matthew Graham Claire Parker

Episode 1.02: “Episode 2”
Commentators: Bharat Nalluri Claire Parker

Episode 1.03: “Episode 3”
Commentators: Philip Glenister John McKay

Episode 1.04: “Episode 4”
Commentators: John Simm Philip Glenister Ashley Pharoah John McKay Claire Parker

Episode 1.05: “Episode 5”
Commentators: Tony Jordan S.J. Clarkson Claire Parker

Episode 1.06: “Episode 6”
Commentators: Matthew Graham Ashley Pharoah John Alexander

Episode 1.07: “Episode 7”
Commentators: Dean Andrews Marshall Lancaster Chris Chibnall S.J. Clarkson Claire Parker

Episode 1.08: “Episode 8”
Commentators: John Simm John Alexander Claire Parker

Involving 13 commentators.