True Detective 

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The DVD release of Season 3 did not include any audio commentaries.


Listing 4 commentaries.

True Detective cover

True Detective
2 commentaries
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Episode 4: “Who Goes There”
Commentators: Nic Pizzolatto T Bone Burnett

Episode 5: “The Secret Fate of All Life”
Commentators: Nic Pizzolatto T Bone Burnett Scott Stephens

True Detective: Season 2 cover

True Detective: Season 2
2 commentaries
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Episode 2.04: “Down Will Come”
Commentators: Nic Pizzolatto Colin Farrell Vince Vaughn Taylor Kitsch Rachel McAdams

Episode 2.08: “Omega Station”
Commentators: Nic Pizzolatto Scott Stephens Colin Farrell Vince Vaughn

Involving 7 commentators.