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Episode 1.04: “The Crisis”
Note: I think this is the first audio commentary I've heard for any television show that's actually included a network suit. The commentators talk a bit about the pitch for the show, casting, the pilot and how it was shot in an astonishing hour and 15 minutes, and various scheduling difficulties once the show was off the ground. There's the usual mutual back-patting and BS of course, but also an apology of sorts from Littlefield for the way the show was moved as much as it did. The way they explained it, it didn't turn out that the show was quite ready to solidly anchor some of those other nights by itself and in retrospect, should have stayed on Tuesday nights paired with _Frasier_ for a little while longer. Simms lamented never getting the prime post-_Seinfeld_ launching pad. In scheduling terms, _NewsRadio_ was a classic "satellite" show, and it was fascinating getting this little peek into how television scheduling is done.
Commentators: Paul Simms Warren Littlefield Brad Grey Julie Bean